Most credit card issuing banks offer a payment system

Maybe the variety of credit cards available to a banking institution, will make you a little confused, considering the offer of each credit card is very tempting. For example, there is one credit card that will give you many promo discounts every month, if you shop at certain outlets. Surely you think, that with the discount, your shopping will be a little more efficient of course, than pay with Cash.

Full Payment

In addition to paying the minimum amount, you are also allowed to pay the entire total bill printed on your Billing Statement. This full payment system is highly recommended, especially if you pay the bill before the due date, because then you will not be charged interest.

Payment of Amount between Minimum Amount and Total New Charge

If you happen to have funds that exceed the minimum amount of the bill but are not sufficient to pay the bill in full, then you can pay any amount between the minimum amount of the invoice and the total of your new bill. This includes reducing the number of delinquent bills that interest will be charged, thus reducing the burden of the charges you will have to pay the following month.

Fixed Installment

In addition to the above methods, most credit card issuing banks offer a payment system where you can change the total bill that is printed into fixed installments for a period of 3, 6, or 12 months according to your ability. This fixed repayment payment system can be an alternative that you can choose because the interest charged to you is not a compound interest but a flat rate.

To use this payment system, you can contact your credit card issuing bank to ask for more information and if the terms are met, you can change your payment to a fixed installment payment.

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Tips how to tidy your bag so as not to be overweight

Your bag is definitely your daily center, so maybe it’s time you rethink what items you carry around every day. We’re all guilty of carrying much more than what it should be. Although now the mini bag is becoming a trend, you often carry a tote bag for everyday purposes to the office. Well, if the hands have started to feel sore, maybe some of these things can make the load so much lighter. Here are the tips to do it:

  1. Remove all the contents of the bag. So you can see what’s really inside your bag.
  2. Clean the bag you use often. Use damp cloth on a bag made of hard material, or canvas, while for materials such as leather use a dry cloth.
  3. Value what items you really use every day, versus the things you honestly love when you’re around. Power bank and lip balm? Save. Ten lipsticks with different colors. You just bring one.
  4. While organizing every item in your bag, the key is the compound. Combine your stuff that has the same makeup, stationary and place on a funny pouch, or organizer bag that helps your tote bag in its best shape.
  5. Discover what makes your bag the messiest. Notes? Or even a pack of snacks? Find a way to save it. Using a zip-lock bag can also.
  6. Makeup can be very heavy. Familiarize yourself to carry only the important makeup tools used all day. More tips? Use multi functional products, such as dual-ended eyeliner or lip and cheek color.
  7. Get used to clean the contents of the bag every week. The goal is definitely to throw away the useless items carried in your bag

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Why Water is So Important for Your Body?

Water is the source of life. About 98% of the Earth is filled with it. Even so humans, about 70% of the human body consists of water. Water is God’s best creation and we all know how important it is to stay hydrated.

Sometimes we do not realize that the body lacks fluid, one of the easiest indications is to look at the color in the urine. If the urine is dark yellow, then the body needs some fluid to hydrate. The following are the benefits of consuming water.

Drinking a Glass of Water at Morning

Make this a habit, drinking a glass of water each morning can help remove unwanted toxins and bacteria from your bladder and kidneys. Diseases such as Urinary Tract Infection can be caused by lack of water consumption.

Our kidneys are very sensitive and susceptible to disease. So, staying hydrated will keep organs healthy, eliminate body waste and keep away from illness. You can even drink detox water every morning, like water, lemon, and honey.

When the body is well hydrated, the blood contains 92% water, which means blood can move easily, it means it can prevent cardiovascular disease and keep blood pressure under control.

Water makes your stomach happy. Stay hydrated can eliminate toxins and reduce the possibility of heartburn, gas, and acid. If you suffer from constipation, water is the best medicine.

If you suffer from dry mouth, urine is darker than usual, fatigue, lightheadedness then you deal with dehydration. Time to drink water more regularly.

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