Why We Need to Consider Covering the Bird Cage at Night?

You should consider covering the bird cage at night, to make the bird feel safe and warm. However, not all birds like to be covered, and instead will scare birds. So, decide whether you should cover the cage or not from the response your bird gives.

Know the origin of your pet bird to determine the time of sleep. For example, birds from the tropics need about 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night to mimic higher levels of darkness in the area throughout the year

Keep learning new ways to take care of your birds; responsible pet owners will never stop learning new ways to care for their pets and keep digging up on the latest information on good bird care

Better to buy a pair of birds, so your pet bird will not be lonely. However, you must know the temperaments of both birds, and know the degree of compatibility of the two birds before introducing the two. If you’re not sure how to introduce the two birds, ask a bird or veterinarian’s advice.

Providing always grain indoors, such as wheat, makes it easy for you to feed wild birds. Provide a nest and a cage area suitable for birds in a cage.

Hints for attracting specific types of birds to your bird house

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How to Braid African Hair with Korean Style?

As a fashion and fashion mecca, of course the Korean entertainment world also popularized a variety of trendy hairstyles. No exception braid hair. There are different types of hair braids introduced by the beauty bloggers from South Korea. One of the easiest to practice is a three-layer braid. How to braid Korean hair with three-layer model.

– Comb the hair from the forehead to the back, then tie it near the crown with the ribbon.

-Get a little hair from left and right until we get two parts of hair.

-Two hair part of the hair part of the front that has been tied ribbon. Braids with the classic way, then tie the end with rubber.

-The remaining hair into three parts again. The middle part is a braid that has been tied twice with the ribbon and rubber. Then braid again with classic style until hair runs out. After that tie the braids with rubber hair and finish.

That’s how braids hair Korean style with three-layer braid model. Easy really right? Just spray hairspray to keep it neat all day.

Professional African hair braiding salon tutorial

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What are Vitamin C Benefits from Vegetables and Fruits?

There are various types of Vitamins in these ingredients, generally vegetables and fruits, of course, Vitamins such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Each Vitamin has its own source and has benefits and consequences each if our body suffers from Vitamin deficiency.

  1. Improving eye health

Who says only Vitamin A is important for eye health? Vitamin C also takes part in maintaining eye health. Vitamin C can prevent the occurrence of eye disease increased cataracts, as well as other eye diseases, such as nearsightedness and eye tumors.

  1. Reduce complications of colds

Although the benefits of vitamin C cannot cure colds, but some studies have revealed that vitamin C is able to prevent colds become more serious complications. This can help prevent chronic colds that can cause lung infection.

  1. Prevent stroke

Many people who do not know that vitamin C is also highly positive correlates to prevent stroke. Research has revealed that people with enough vitamin C in their blood can suppress 42% lower stroke

  1. Prevent premature aging

Vitamin C is very important for the skin and it is already very popular in the world of beauty, especially women. Vitamin C is essential for cell cells inside or outside the body that can help prevent premature aging. In a study from the Journal of Clinical Nutrition that examined the relationship between vitamin C intake with skin aging in 4025 women aged 40-74. The results are amazing that they have a lower risk of wrinkles, skin dryness, and skin aging that is a scourge for every woman.

Vitamin C Benefits to Prevent Scurvy

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