Some of the rules prohibited in the lk21 cinema

Please note if we enter the studio before the movie begins, the studio room will turn on the lights. If the movie has started then the studio will be pitch black and ticket tear officers will lead us to use a flashlight to our lines only. Entrance when it is dark enough to bother let alone sit away from aisle because it must pass a few pairs of knee and a few pairs that again dating. The seat number in the older studio is located behind the bench which when it is dark is troublesome because it is not visible. When you enter the studio and the movie has not been played and we want a snack, usually there are officers who peddle food (popcorn) and drinks. These officers are usually good because they usually accept food or drink orders that are not being sold but are in the refreshments section. For a particular class there is a bell to call the officer.

Suppose now that the movie has begun, the author summarizes some of the rules prohibited in the lk21 cinema or that annoys other audiences

  1. Put feet on the stands in front of us.
  2. Speak aloud inside the movie studio
  3. Chew with the cap-cap-cap sound
  4. Drinking up beverages with loud sound
  5. Fart in the room
  6. Walk in the room but just make straight legs only
  7. Standing because of sore sitting
  8. Playing a mobile phone
  9. Recording and taking pictures because of the name of piracy
  10. Smoking indoors
  11. Become an astrologer because it has memorized the contents of the film
  12. Laugh at the not funny part
  13. Move another audience
  14. Throwing stuff let alone waste in the wrong direction
  15. Spit and dispose of chewing gum in any place
  16. Sleep snoring

In addition to the ban there are also things that may be allowed in the lk21 cinema

  1. Exit for pee and back again
  2. Get out buying food
  3. Exit because it cannot continue the event
  4. Get out when the roll of film rolls (things that are already rare for today)

After the movie is finished the lights will be bright and we are required to leave the studio through the exit door that has been attended by the officers. The officer will stand smiling and say thank you. If you watch the sunglasses (3d or 4dx), then please do not bring the glasses home with that, if already finished watching the lk21 cinema.

Imagine a crew working on every scene

Imagine a crew working on every scene

Imagine a crew working on every scene

Know the storyline on a classic horror movie. Certain things happen repeatedly on the horror movie, so most horror movies are pretty easy to guess. By studying the storyline of the film, it can remove the mystery of the film and make it so much easier to watch. Here are some of the classic horror movie story lines:

  • A baby sitter goes upstairs to check on the baby, but all she finds is a murderer
  • There was a murderer hanging around in the summer camp
  • The house is old and abandoned into a haunted house
  • A creepy child becomes a ghost

Find out if you can watch with the lights on. As you watch with dim lights, you’ll find it easier to believe that a monster carrying a chainsaw comes from behind and startles you. Watching with the lights on can make you take a break by looking at the fibers on the carpet or seeing the cat clawing at the pole. Tell your friends that you want to watch a movie with some lights on.

Imagine a crew working on every scene. This is a step you can take when watching in a cinema or home that can eliminate the power of the film. So, are you watching a frightening scene when a clown monster chases a girl who is climbing a ladder? Imagine a group of people who recorded the scene with a camera. The film will not be too scary when you realize that behind every movie scene there is a film crew: cameramen, enlighteners, other actors, etc. Imagine the director directing what the actor needs to do. “Climb the ladder, look back, yell, then keeps on running, feeling more for this time.” It can help eliminate the horror of the scene. Just enjoy your horror film from free movie download