Goals in the treatment of asthma

If someone is diagnosed with asthma as a child, the symptoms may disappear when he is a teenager and reappear when he is older. However, symptoms of asthma that are classified as medium or severe in childhood, will tend to persist even though they may also reappear. Even so, asthma can appear at any age and does not always start from childhood.

Asthma treatment Tips

There are two goals in the treatment of asthma, namely relieving symptoms and preventing symptoms of relapse. To support this goal, a doctor’s treatment plan is needed that is adjusted to the patient’s condition. Treatment plans include how to recognize and deal with worsening symptoms, and what medications should be used.

It is important for patients to recognize things that can trigger their asthma in order to avoid it. If asthma symptoms appear, a commonly recommended drug is a relieving inhaler.

When an asthma attack occurs with symptoms that continue to worsen (slowly or quickly) even though it has been treated with an inhaler or other drugs, the patient must immediately get treatment at the hospital. Although rare, asthma attacks can endanger lives. For people with chronic asthma, inflammation of the airways that has been long and repetitive can cause permanent narrowing.

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