Things to Mind in Installing Car Top Carrier

Car Top Carrier

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Installation of car top carrieror additional luggage mounted on the roof of the car has been widely applied by many of car owner. Moreover, those who often wentto far places and need to bring many items with them, top carrier is needed to store the extra goods they brought. There are many variant of top carrier with different size and dimension. That dimension should be adjusted well to the size of the car roof for the safety reason. There are still many things to mind before installing it on your car.

Before installing car top carrier, car owner need to install roofrail or some kind of bracket on the hood. It is because top carrier should be supported with roofrail to make it tightly attached to the car. Some of the car had already this roof rail, then car owner doesn’t need to install it anymore. However, if it doesn’t applied on the car, then car owner should install it first. Roof rail is also functioned as the top carrier foundation, in order to load many items. As long as it has been installed on the roof car, then it will be safer to load many heavy items, but do not excess more than top carrier capacity.

After the roof rail has fixed, then you can easily install car top carrier on it. Make sure that during the installation, all the material has reinforced tightly. Reinforcement is usually mounted under the roofrail to strengthen the stand. Typically, made of special plates designed to withstand loads. This is what makes the car with roofrail is more recommended if you have to use the top carrier. Those are the things you should be careful in installing top carrier. In fact, top carrier is easy to install by yourself, but if you want it to be installed by the professionals, then you can ask the car mechanics to install it for you.